Our philosophy is underpinned by a strict code of practice

Our Methodology



An initial face-to-face meeting where we gain a clear understanding of your organizational structure, key business drivers and key issues. We will also discuss the job specification, skills, experience and qualifications required.



Potential candidates are identified through our research, expertise and via an informed discussion with you.


Market Mapping

We will agree upon a list of target institutions to map. Should the desired candidate not appear in the initial phase, we will expand our search further to include additional banks and geographical locations.



Qualified candidates are interviewed and evaluated by EM Commodities. We then carry out informal referencing and qualification checks for shortlisted candidates.



We coordinate the interview process and act as facilitators, providing detailed and confidential feedback.



At this stage we present detailed, confidential profiles of the key candidates along with their CVs. The profiles include biographical data, career history, full remuneration package (current and historical) and information on the candidates’ ambitions and motivations.


Close and Complete

We re-sell your story to the candidate, get acceptance, monitor the candidate throughout the notice period and continue to act as facilitators right through to the point where the candidate starts in their new role.


We complete the reference checking process and inform you of its completion/flag up any issues.


We maintain close contact with both yourself and the candidate to manage the offer and negotiation and address any outstanding issues.